Track income & expenses

123Landlord provides a simplified general ledger to keep track of all your income (rent and non-rent) and expenses. All data is searchable, printable and fully exportable to common formats. All accounting entries can be linked to vendors, tenants, properties, and buildings, enabling you to get an accurate picture of which units provide the most income, and which tenants are costing you the most money.

  •  Search, Sort, & Print

    All accounting entries are searchable by keyword, tenant, property, building, and date range. Sort lists by specific columns and fields and print or email your data.

  •  Accounting Periods

    Categorize a specific date range as an accounting period, and group your data-entry and separate your reporting. Accounting periods make it easy to separate each fiscal year or any period and stay organized.

  •  Accounts & GL Codes

    Add your account types or categories and use your own GL codes. Categorize income and expense entries and gain even more insight into how you earn income and where your money goes.

  •  Auto Tax Calculation

    Add your custom state and sales tax types and rates, and 123Landlord will auto-calculate tax as you enter income and expenses.

  •  Print Checks

    Print checks to pay vendors, owners, or expenses. 123Landlord will let you group accounting entries together on one check, or separate checks for each line item - easily.

  •  Bank Reconciliation

    Cross reference your accounting ledger with actual bank statement transactions to verify your bookkeeping. Our bank reconciliation module will let you flag or clear entries, and generate a reconciliation report to show where things differ from your statement.