Powerful reporting, better decisions

123Landlord comes complete with over twenty-five reports that provide insight into every aspect of your rental property business. From simple vacant property lists to full rent roll and payment histories, everything is included.

  •  Filtering Capability

    Generate reports how you want them - run reports for an entire building, or for one property or tenant - or run the report for all - it's up to you.

  •  Group Summaries

    Group your report data by Building, Property, Tenant, etc and see roll-up summaries with group-specific sub-totals.

  •  Export Formats

    Reports can be printed or exported and emailed in a variety of data formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, Image, and CSV.

  •  Customizable

    All reports can show your company info and/or property owner info in the header or the footer.

  •  Tenant & Property Reports

    All Tenants List, Leasing Tenants List, Tenant Details, Contact History, All Properties List, Leased Properties List, Vacant Properties List, Property Details

  •  Lease & Inventory Reports

    Inventory List, Active Leases, Expiring Leases, Expired Leases, Closed Leases

  •  Payment & Accounting Reports

    Payment History, Current Balances, Current Balances & Payments, Complete Statements, Complete Statements + Payments, All Accounting Entries, Income Accounting Entries, Expense Accounting Entries, Profit & Loss Summary, Profit & Loss Detail

  •  Work Order Reports

    Open Work Orders, Pending Work Orders, Closed Work Orders, Work Order Detail Report