Users & Security


User & Data Access Management

123Landlord makes it easy to add additional users to your account - these users can be employees or owners, or anyone you wish to have access to your tenant and property data.

  •  Admin Users

    Control access to accounting periods and account codes, owner & vendors, and other system-wide settings by specifying which users have Admin access.

  •  Owner-Specific Views

    You can restrict user access to a specific owner's data only - this is great to allow owners read-only access to their portfolio data! More Info

  •  User Management

    Add users to allow access to your data by employees, assistants, etc. These people can perform data entry and run reports from any computer, anywhere in the world.

  •  Role Permissions

    123Landlord uses simple role-based security: users can be Admins, Editors, or Viewers - more info on our blog!

  •  Send Messages To Users

    A built-in messaging system allows you to send notifications to any employees and users on your account. Users will see their messages on the dashboard when they log in - keep everyone on the same page!

  •  128-bit SSL Technology

    123Landlord provides a "secure browsing mode" which employs the same secure, encrypted technology used by bank software and websites. This ensures your data has not been compromised, even when using the software over public networks.