Tenant Portal


Self Serve Options for Your Tenants

123Landlord provides a tenant portal to allow your tenants the ability to log in and see their account information. You have full control at all times, and can grant or revoke access at all times. The portal is co-branded with your logo and your contact info.

  •  Secure Log In

    You can activate the tenant portal for individual tenants with one click. Tenants are provided a link to log into the portal from any browser, using their email address and a unique PIN #.

  •  Create Maintenance Requests

    When tenants are logged in, they can send a request for maintenance directly to you - the maintenance item appears in your open work orders list. You can also optionally receive email confirmation when this occurs.

  •  Receive Payments From Tenants

    From the tenant portal, you can receive online e-checks (ACH) and credit cards from tenants easily.1 All payments received can be imported directly into 123Landlord and applied towards any outstanding balance or charge type.

  •  View Payment History & Balance

    Tenants can log in and see their complete payment history & balance details, including rent outstanding, days late, and other charges.

1 Online tenant payments are underwritten through our payment processor, and are subject to transaction fees. This is a completely optional service, and is only available when you apply for ACH services. All other tenant portal features are available whether you enable online payments or not. Fees: $9.00 monthly system access fee. $1.95 per transaction (paid by the property manager/landlord). $19.95 per returned check. There are no sign up fees, no card storage fees, and no hidden costs. Transaction fees are only charged for payments received from your tenants. Earnings are transferred directly to your bank account within 1-2 business days in most cases. More info and how to apply here. Credit card payments require an easy to setup, free account with Stripe.