Complete tenant & applicant management

123Landlord makes organizing and finding your tenant information simple. Keep track of currently leasing tenants, expired and former tenants, and applicants. Tenant lists are fully searchable, and all information is at your fingertips - less clicking and better productivity.

  •  Payment History

    See payment histories for all tenants - view past payments for any date range, and print or email receipts for all incoming payments.

  •  Balances and Statements

    Get a snapshot of all outstanding balances and due dates for any and all tenants. Track all receivables and print or email invoices at any time.

  •  Contact History

    Log every phone call, visit, meeting, or email in contact histories linked to each of your tenants, searchable by date range.

  •  Tenant Profiles

    Store as much or as little data about your tenants as you like. 123Landlord lets you track things like contact information, identification info (social security, driver's license, etc), references, occupants, employment info, pets, vehicles, and much more!

  •  File Uploads

    Upload and store tenant-specific files, lease agreements, scanned documents, and more.

  •  Send Email

    You can send email to your tenants without ever having to leave the system. All copies of outgoing email are filed in the Contact History for that tenant.

  •  Applicants

    A dedicated applicants module allows you to receive applications for your properties online, track applicants, approve or decline them, and convert them into tenants.

  •  Applications

    You can publicize your properties and receive applications online - these are imported into the system as applicant records - less paper, less hassle!